Saturday, June 30, 2007

We Have Cats....

My sister had to be at the airport this morning at roughly the same time my son and his girlfriend flew in. Mark and Robin took one of Kerry's car and headed for San Francisco and a Brian Eno Exhibit. If you want to know more about this go to Eno's name shows up in crossword puzzles all the time.

On Thursday Vicky and I chose two one-year-old tabby cats to bring home: Nora and Georgio. For the next three weeks they will be in one bedroom (the nursery) in the house along with all assorted toys, condos, food, water and litter box. Our house has too many hiding places for them so the shelter recommended one small space until they are over the jitters about the new home. So who are they?

Nora is a bitch; my sister's words not mine. She regularly swipes at Georgio who is rather timid but loving. She quickly claimed the top portion of the cat condo; when she found Georgio there she hissed at him until he got down and hid under the ottoman again. Nora seems to like Kerry better than me.

Georgio is sweet, adorable, loving; just an all around delight to have. He spends a lot of time under the ottoman. I did see the two of them touch noses (Georgio initiated it), but within seconds Nora had hissed at him. I've heard Georgio purr but not Nora. Georgio likes me better.

Both are eating, drinking and pooping; all good signs in new members of the household.

I'm going to nap in the nursery so keep the little ones company.

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dykewife said...

i expect to see photographs of the new additions to the family (cuz it's all about me :)) i love the names but i would've chosen "nick" for the boy, "nick and nora charles" my favourite black and white movie detectives :)