Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Getting Ready For Kids Kamp

Jesus came to work with his mother today. He brought me a bud vase with three pink roses and a thank you card in which he'd written a note. He just completed second grade so his language skills need a bit of work, but the thoughts were great. His mom took a picture of us together so she could send it to her mother in Mexico. Her mother has not seen Jesus in five years and she has never seen the new baby Karina. That's why these stupid immigration rules really suck big time.

We went over to the Park and Rec department offices so Jesus could thank the staff for his scholarship. They treated him like a super hero; I could tell he was really pleased by all the attention. Then he got his camp t-shirt, which he's modeling on the left. That's our Bird Girl that I've written about before.

On the way home from Park and Rec he told me he didn't think he'd go to college. I told him I'd graduated from college and so had Kerry. He looked really surprised. We spent the rest of the trip home talking about all the people in my family who have graduated from college. By the time we got home he told me he was definitely going to college. My motto: you can never start too soon.

Camp starts on Monday at 8 a.m. The first day is spent at the community pool in the park. He loves to swim. He's a bit worried about the field trip on Thursday; they are going roller skating and he's never skated before. He asked Kerry about it. Kerry told him to just hang on to the sides and walk around the rink. I remember those days only mine was an ice skating rink.

Now I just have to check into Head Start for his little sister. There is an office right near his house.
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dykewife said...

head start is an excellent program! oh, as an additional help to the kids, getting them multivitamins would be a huge bonus. not only has it been proven that children who's parents have limited incomes benefit from vitamins physically, they benefit intellectually.

there was a study in peru where the researchers supplied vitamins to mothers of infants and young children in one village and then observed the children in another village but didn't supply them with vitamins.

previous to the study the two villages were virtually identical in population, diet, air and water quality, health and general well being of the population.

they study found, the children who were supplied with the vitamins grew taller, did better in school and were less satisfied with staying in the village to follow the tradition of being married and having children. they wanted to further their education and such.

vitamins for both children would be of great benefit and make a real difference in their later lives.

dykewife said...

oh, the overall general health of the kids who had the multivitamins from infancy was also greatly increased with fewer incidents of chronic diseases, rickets and other developmental issues and had higher resistance to illnesses such as colds and flu.

Rhonda said...

He's such a cutie.
It's inspiring to see people like you reach outside themselves to help others.

and dykewife - girlfriend you could do a commercial!
I'm convinced! ;)