Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Life Is Good

The past ten days have been blissfully relaxing. I get up, read some blogs, water my plants, walk on the treadmill while I listen to a very funny book by Janet Evanovich (Motor Mouth), then shower, read, maybe run errands, fix dinner, read and then go to bed. Sometimes I watch Dr. Phil that I've Tivod. It's been heaven.

Besides the 12 years I had my own business, I was part of the corporate world for 28 years and before that I was a newspaper reporter for six years. I know; I'm old but not down for the count.
I also raised a wonderful son and was married; that meant my life was highly scheduled. Now, it's all about me and I love it. I'm sort of the senior citizen Paris Hilton only I've never done jail time.

But we have a whole lot of socializing coming up starting tomorrow. Remember my little friend Jesus who got the scholarship to day camp in Lincoln. He's coming with his mother tomorrow, and Jesus and I are going to the Park and Rec office so he can personally thank the people who awarded him the scholarship. It's not that his mom wouldn't have done this, it's just that she's busy cleaning houses so she can keep a roof over their head and feed her kids.

Then I'm going fabric shopping and having lunch with my friend Jan. Thursday it's dinner and a movie with my friend Barb and her husband. She and I have known each other since kindergarten. Truman was president when we went to kindergarten. I know, old.

Friday we leave for a wedding in Mammoth Lakes which is on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada. I think it's the most beautiful part of the Sierra; Kerry has never been there. The photo above is the Devils Postpile; it's a geologic formation in Mammoth Lakes. Mammoth is a highly active earthquake area. There are parts of the forests that are closed to everyone because of all the carbon dioxide coming up from below ground. One day the place will just blow; meanwhile it rumbles quite a few times.
We come home Tuesday evening just in time for my book group. Then I have my knitting group on Thursday night and our game group on Saturday night. My sister arrives on Sunday for a week's visit. The same day she leaves my son and his girlfriend arrive at the same airport. They leave on July 4th after spending some time in San Francisco to see a Brian Eno exhibit (his name shows up in crossword puzzles all the time; guess why?).

We love all these people and all this activity but we will easily settle in to our relaxing life of early June.


dykewife said...

if it's geologically active, that must mean that the devil's postpile is actually lava that crystalized while still underground. that's what it looks like to me. there are formations like that in new guinea that divide valley from valley and tribe from tribe. they're neat formations :)

Asana Bear said...

What a great life!! I'm jealous!

Rhonda said...

you made me laugh when you wrote, "I'm sort of the senior citizen Paris Hilton only I've done jail time"
lucky you for having lazy hazy summer days...