Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We Are Back From Our Eastern Sierra Trip

We came back a day early; Monday morning we looked at each other and said, let's go home. We are not good at staying away from home for more than three days unless we've taken a long flight somewhere. So we packed up and headed home. It was nice to leave behind the 8,300 foot elevation of the place we stayed.

Despite our early departure, the trip was wonderful. The picture on the left is the Twin Lakes Chapel where the wedding was held on Saturday afternoon. The fellow on the ladder in the picture was busy putting up a garland of flowers. Both the bride and groom are really into outdoor activities; they are rock climbing in British Columbia for their honeymoon.

So this was a perfect place to have the wedding. About 100 of us sat on the split logs and listened to the wind whipping through the pine trees. We walked across a small bridge over Twin Lakes to get to the chapel. The bride's brother had the most important job; keep the fly fisherman away from the chapel. It's public land so you can't put up a "keep out sign." He did a great job. I'll have more photos when Kerry empties his camera.

What you can't see in this photo is the enormous granite wall that rises probably a thousand feet right behind the trees. That kind of natural splendor always helps me put into perspective just how important it is to treat nature well.

Everyone drove to the Convict Lake Resort Restaurant after the wedding. Despite it's name, the food and ambiance were wonderful. We danced a bit and then bid farewell to the family and headed back to Mammoth Lakes and the Austriahof Lodge where we stayed.
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Rhonda said...

rock climbing on the honeymoon...
sounds dangerous....
I think I like the beach bum honeymoon.