Friday, June 08, 2007

The Impatience Of An Imperfect Painter

Now that I'm retired I have a list of projects that I just never got to when I was still working. One of those projects was to do some accent painting in the great room/kitchen area. The wall shown here is one that I painted yesterday. The other walls are sort of a peachy yellow. I painted the area below the island first, ran out of paint, bought some more and discovered that it's not quite the same as the original which had sat in its can for a year. I had a few holidays (paint not quite covering the wall) on the area under the island. I used the new paint to cover them. This morning I discovered that there is a tiny bit of difference between the two paints; the most recent purchase is lighter in tone. So now I have what amounts to a whole "vacation" that I need to paint again. Argh!

I have never been known as a patient person; so this is really annoying to me. I do love to paint, which surprises my family and friends. I guess it's because it is so gratifying. You immediately change a room when you paint it.
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