Friday, June 22, 2007

Not My Best Day

So far this has been a day I don't want to duplicate any time in the future. I woke up at 5:30 a.m. with a sinus headache. I rarely get them but when I do they are real killers. It's better now but my balance is still a bit off. Then I put in my contact lenses. I had used a new cleaning solution last night. This morning I discovered that like so many other chemicals, I'm allergic to the new solution. My eyes turned red almost immediately. I've had this happen before; the only way to fix the problem is to throw away the pair that is contaminated by the cleaner I'm allergic to and put in a brand new pair. I did that but my eyes still look like I've been on a week long binge. Then I went to fix myself some breakfast and discovered that the cheese was all moldy.

So I'm seriously considering going back to bed (I've been up for nearly four hours) and trying to start the day all over again.

I know there are folks with far worse maladies than the ones I've written about today, but these are my maladies and I'm pissed that I don't feel better. Got that off my chest; I feel better already

My big job today is recycling; I've put it off for probably a week longer than I should have. I'll put the back seat down in my Prius and fill it with all kinds of bottles and cans. If I don't go today I will have to take the truck or something of equal size because the load of recyclables is considerable.

I'm really into recycling. In fact, I'm currently doing battle with the company that makes Skinny Cow desserts. They package the ice cream sandwiches in these plastic cartons which cannot be recycled. I sent them an e-mail about the packages and got back this "corporate speak" about how much they like hearing from customers. So I wrote another much more direct e-mail which got a little bit better reply. Then two days ago I got a letter from them with coupons for free Skinny Cows. I threw them away. I will not be bought!!

This is really a pretty boring post, but it's the best I can do today.

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