Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Turtle Has Left The Property

Doug and Katie pulled out late yesterday afternoon. The turtle rumbled slowly down our dirt driveway, made a right at the road and disappeared. I told Doug I wasn't going to really believe he was gone until I got an e-mail from him that showed he was at least 20 miles away.

I got one from him last night. He was maybe 10 miles away. That didn't count. He says he's going to San Diego slowly just like a turtle. He has to be back here in about six weeks for more blood tests. Somehow I doubt that he can drive to San Diego and back in that time. Then he wants to go to Alaska. He won some lottery that allows him into an area where very few people are allowed. But then he has to be back in Lincoln by late August to leave Katie with us and go to Burning Man in Nevada. That's a lot of travel for a turtle and its owner.

Today the folks with whom we are going to Costa Rica are coming over for some trip planning and a barbecue. They are good travelers and we travel well with them. Susan and Einar were on the China trip last year.

Changing subjects: my neighbor down the road always has great tomatoes which he sells at a roadside stand. I usually watch for him to plant and then I plant. Well he planted sometime last week when I wasn't watching. I'm stunned; it's still March. So I have to get busy next week and get mine in the ground. It's been in the low to mid-80s every day for a week; all my winter vegetables have begun to flower, which is not good. I think I'm going to give up on winter vegetables that grow above the ground.

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Rhonda said...

80's all week?! wha?!
>this is where I fall down like a toddler and bawl...<
it's still yucky & cold here in Wisconsin.