Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Getting Ready For Our Trip

Well, I've had my typhoid shot. My arm hurt like hell for a couple of days. I've started taking my anti-malarial drug (no side effects) and I'm slowly gathering all those things we can't passports and plane tickets, etc. And I got my cortisone shot for my rotator cuff. It already feels better.

Our friends Einar and Susan are leaving tomorrow and will meet us in Montezuma. We don't fly until Sunday. They just couldn't wait to get there. We have rented the car so they are taking the bus to Montezuma from the airport. That will be quite a ride. I wonder how many chickens and other creatures will accompany them. The bus will take them across on the ferry at Puntarenas. Montezuma is down near the tip of the Nicoyo Peninsula on the Pacific Ocean. It's orange on this map. They are splurging and staying at an expensive resort called Ylang Ylang for a couple of nights. Then they will move into the modestly priced rooms we will stay in for the rest of the trip.
After a couple of days there, we will head back across on the ferry to the main part of Costa Rica and slowly wend our way to Cahuita, which is on the Carribean coast and is in the malarial zone (green on the map). It's about five miles from the Panama border. Hope fully we can stay at Atlantida which is where I stayed last time. Lots of Rastafarians there. I remember having dinner one night in "downtown" Cahuita when the lights went out. No one even missed a beat; the lanterns were lit and life went on. I did notice baby caimans (like crocodiles) in the water behind the restaurants hoping for some scraps from the kitchen. We have rats, they have caimans.

After Cahuita we will wander back into the central part of the country, maybe go to the Cloud Forest to get away from the heat or to a jungle lodge on the Sarapiqui River. This is supposed to be a relaxing vacation so we are going to do just that.

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montezuma!??! don't drink the water!