Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sir Lawrence And Dame Olivia Are Back

They have become so tame that they like to nap on our front porch. Larry has his head tucked in and Olivia is ever vigilant. Some of you may remember last year's trials with nesting. Olivia decided our roof was a good spot. It was in the spring when the weather was mild. She hatched out about 10 chicks who were gobbled up by various creatures. She then went back to the roof to lay a second group of eggs. The temperature was probably 120 F. up there. She got so hot she would leave the eggs to swim in the pond. This year the gutter cleaners found a nest, the skeleton of one chick and lots of broken eggs. They clean it out thoroughly in hopes that she wouldn't go back.

I've seen her on the roof once; I clapped and yelled at her and she took flight. I'm still not convinced she hasn't laid her eggs up there. When I stop seeing her completely I'll know she is nesting somewhere. They are a cute couple. Larry usually watches over her while she eats; I guess it's her turn when they are sleeping. We can tell it's Olivia because she is so light colored. We are assuming that he's Larry unless the little girl is out and about with more than one drake. More power to her. That nearly dead plant in the background is a hibiscus that almost died over the winter. I'm nursing it back to health. It had a whopping case of aphids at the end of the season and then got hit by frost one night when I wasn't as vigilant as I should have been. I may have to take it out of the pot and cut some of its roots to get it going again. They don't like to be repotted but do like to have the roots cut away. Sort of like people.
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Rhonda said...

Larry & Olivia are a cute couple indeed. Amazing that they come right up to your house.
I have a couple squirrals that do that. But they're not so cute. They're naughty.

dykewife said...

wouldn't it be something if they made their nest on your deck? :) i hope she finds some place other than your roof and that their luck with rearing is better than last year.