Saturday, March 10, 2007

Green Dimes, A Terrapass and Climate Change

No it's not a song title. Behind those words are companies helping to clean up the environment. My brother, told me about both of them. I signed up today

Green Dimes will help you get rid of junk mail including catalogues; they also plant trees when you join; we all know we need more trees. Go to for more information.

The purpose of Terrapass is to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere thus reducing climate change. They do it by funding clean energy and efficiency projects. The money to do that comes from people who buy "Terrapasses." Go to for more information.

I bought an "Around Town Terrapass" for my Prius. I paid $29.95 to remove the 6,000 pounds of CO2 that my car produces each year. I want to get one for our house too, but I need to discuss it with Kerry first. You can also buy them for flights. I'm going to get one for our trip to Costa Rica. It's called the "Puddle Jumper Pass" and it's only $9.95.

Al Gore (An Inconvenient Truth) has terrapasses for his home, cars and flights. Some of you may have read newspaper reports about the energy bill for his very large home. The right wing media have called him a hypocrite for creating all that CO2 at his home. But his terrapasses will help plant trees and cover landfills to prevent methane getting into the air. Methane is worse than CO2.

I'll get down off my soapbox now; but it did feel good to buy a terrapass for my car.

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Kendra said...

Hi thanks for letting people know about GreenDimes! GreenDimes is happy to help folks reduce their junk mail by getting them off direct mail lists and unsolicited offers, and opting them out of the catalogs they no longer want (while keeping the catalogs they do want!). AND GreenDimes plants a tree for every member every month.

Right now you have the chance to do even more good by signing up by MARCH 22nd - GreenDimes is giving new members 25 BONUS TREES. Already a member?
Then refer a friend using your GreenDimes Friends tab and we'll give both of you 25 bonus trees. Learn more at

Thanks again for the post and for giving a dime,
Kendra at GreenDimes