Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Little Bit of Ranting And Compassion

First the ranting; Scooter Libby was found guilty by a jury of his peers. That's the American way of justice. The discussion now that he might be pardoned sickens me. To quote the New York Times editorial: "It (the verdict) was another reminder of how precious the American judicial system is, at a time when it is under serious attack from the same administration Mr. Libby served. That administration is systematically denying the right of counsel, the right to evidence and even the right to be tried to scores of prisoners who may have committed no crimes at all."

I've dealt with the Bush administration by being a turtle; I've pulled into my shell and ignored it because it was too painful to hear. We all teach our children that lying is wrong; no matter what you want to accomplish it is just dead wrong (still into semicolons). Apparently the current administration didn't get that memo; lying is a way of life. I hope that Libby goes to jail for a very long time just like the folks at Enron who lied and stole the lives right out from under their employees. How many people have had their lives stolen by dying in an unjustified war? Too many to count.

What gets me most is the arrogance; they think they have the right to lie based on whatever misguided objectives they have. Anyway, I'm pissed and not about to forget it. My turtle shell has cracked; my neck is out.

Now for the compassion; this involves a turtle as well. Turtle Doug saw his new doctor today to get his blood test results. Not good. Most of all his PSA (prostate problems) was way to high. His doctor referred him to a urologist nearby. Plus his liver enzymes are way too high and his doctor doesn't know if it's the Lipitor or his penchant for good whiskey. His cholesterol, which the Lipitor is supposed to handle, is too high also. I don't think the doctor scored a lot of points when he told Doug he should stop "galavanting around the country" and settle down. That has nothing to do with his blood results. The only good news is that he doesn't have diabetes. So tonight I made big salads for the two men in my life; Doug drank water and Kerry had a beer. Getting old really sucks. Tomorrow he calls the urologist.

The other point of compasion is for a fellow blogger; creamy
She and her husband have been trying to have a baby for a long time. She got to seven weeks this time, and then the baby died. Tomorrow she has a D&C. The outpouring of support and compassion for this woman who lives with her husband, Bob, in southern Indiana has been
wonderful. Blogging may feel anonymous, but when it comes down to it, we live together as a community and support our fellow bloggers.

So that's all tonight. I want Libby in prison, I want Doug to be healthy and I want Creamy Silver (Jen) and her husband to have a baby. It doesn't sound like too much to ask.


Asana Bear said...

Martha Stewart went to jail for exactly the same thing. No one offered to pardon her!

Creamy Silver said...

Thank you for your sweet thoughts and prayers. I appreciate it so much.