Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Food Hangover

Yes, that's how I feel. The dinner last night was wonderful as was the company...Kerry and the other couple we dined with. But there was so much of it; the food that is. We started with a white bean salad with arugula plus a bit of zip from some kind of pepper. Then on to the very light lemon fettuccine with some wonderful mushrooms. Then came the main course: braised lamb shank from a local ranch that doesn't add any bad stuff to the feed. Of course the poor little lambs don't live long enough to acquite any bad habits. The entree included tiny potatoes, carrots and turnips. Then dessert: flourless chocolate cake with all that frou-frou stuff around it. Sort of like the picture here. The lack of flour just means there is even more chocolate, which in my food-soaked mind didn't register as caffeine.

Kerry and I went to bed quite uncomfortable and quite on edge thanks to the dessert. We re-learned an important lesson; eat half of what is on your plate and bring the rest home. We did bring home quite a bit of lamb. I can't even look at it now. I had edamame for lunch. Don't know about dinner yet.

I woke up determined to exercise but only got as far as walking to the road for the Sunday paper. That's a half mile roundtrip. I was going to get on the treadmill too but never got there. My thinking was that a good sweat would really help the healing process. It probably would but I just couldn't get there.

Tomorrow is platelet day. Just before that I am driving to nearby Yuba City to purchase a portable crib for Francesca, the young woman who takes care of our house. She has a baby who is rapidly getting tired of being in her car seat when mom is here working. The portable crib will give her a place to squirm, learn how to roll over and other delightful things that little ones learn.

Back to the food; I'm going to talk to the Lincoln Produce Market owners and tell them that they should shrink the portions but not the price or let folks know that doggie bags are plentiful so we won't all stuff ourselves. I did love every bite but it's just the accumulation of all those bites that is a bit uncomfortable.


Rhonda said...

I can so relate to the,
"woke up determined to exercise"
story of my life.
Sounds like a wonderful dinner...

dykewife said...

tell them to cut the portions and keep the price the same? silly goose. :) don't forget to eat the lamb before you go give platelets. that way you're one up on the recovery time. bran used to give plasma and once in a while, he'd give platelets. all they ever wanted from me was whole blood. b+ doesn't allow for much else.