Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

The turtle is still in the driveway. He's now estimating Friday for departure. Tonight he's taking us out for sushi, which we all love. Tomorrow night my nephew and his wife and son will be with us for dinner. Doug wants to meet them.

Tonight I was going to do a slow cooker recipe for beef short ribs. I was actually disappointed when Doug wanted to take us out for dinner. That sure is a switch. It used to be that I would do anything to eat out. But I know Doug's heart is in the right place. He appreciates our hospitality.

Last night we watched the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The poor poodles looked so weird. I definitely don't want to come back as one. Tonight we are going to watch a hilarious movie, "Best In Show." It's a spoof on the dog show we saw last night. If you can find it, rent it. The cast had a rough outline for the movie but not much script. It's a lot of hilarious ad-libbing.

I just don't feel like writing much because I'm terribly worried about the husband of a good friend of mine. Nancy had trouble waking Richard up this morning. That's what I heard when I was at Lincoln Arts for a meeting. Nancy is president of our board and I'm her VP and her friend. She called early today to cancel a meeting. Richard has been having problems with remembering things. I've called her home several times and left messages. I don't want to call her cell phone. That just seems too intrusive. So I will worry. Both are seniors in their 70s.

When I'm feeling more up beat I will do a blog on Lincoln Arts. This little town NE of Sacramento has quite an art history. Here's a photo to make you a bit curious about Lincoln Arts. It's a clay sculpture that won a prize in the show last year. We get hundreds of entries from the U.S. and Canada.

I think I'll sign off now and try to occupy my brain with something besides worrying. His bear hugs are one thing I really like about Richard. I hope I get to have another one.

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