Saturday, February 03, 2007

Another View Of Costa Rica

Well, it turns out that the Center for Disease Control views Costa Rica as a haven for the malaria mosquito (shown here).

I learned this yesterday at Bloodsource when I went to give platelets. The woman checking my vitals asked if I had any vacation plans this year. I replied, Costa Rica in April. She proceeded to get her book down that lists every country in the world and the CDC assessment of its health risk factors. The only place in Costa Rica that doesn't have a risk is San Jose, the capitol. However, to get to Costa Rica you fly in to the main airport which is in Alajuela; Alajuela is first on the CDC list of places that are considered malarial.

What this all means is that I can't give platelets or whole blood for one year after I return from our trip there. I'm not changing my plans, but it did bum me out. I like the idea of helping someone by donating my platelets. I have enough for several so why not share. But for one year I won't be able to do that. Someone mentioned that I could still volunteer in other capacities. So I took home a sign-up form to be a volunteer. They especially need people to work the bloodmobiles. Once I get accepted as a volunteer then I will have to go through training.

The odd thing is that last time I was in Costa Rica I didn't have any mosquito problems; never even put on my DEET. Oh well, you can't fight the CDC. Besides I would never want to give platelets that could harm someone who is already being harmed by some horrible disease or accident.

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