Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Guy Next Door Is Building An Ark

Yes, it's still raining. We got 1.5 inches of rain yesterday. Who knows what we will get today. My plants look drowned but that's better than parched.

Our visitors are still here. Doug has spent most of the day in his turtle shell (his camper shell is his home and he carries it on the back of his pick up truck like a turtle). Kerry went off to buy more pellets for the pellet stove. For some reason they are in short supply this year. Kerry suspects a conspiracy; I'm not worried. We do have a furnace and a propane tank. Then he went to a photo class.

Richard and Charlotte went out to mail valentine gifts/cards and my MasterCard bill and to shop. We all took turns on the treadmill; well not Doug, Kate or Kerry. Charlotte and Richard are asleep now.

Turns out my brother does not do well in this gray, rainy weather. He's down so not really happy. To help cheer him up we are going to Lucille's Smokehouse BBQ in nearby Rocklin. It's great funky place with wonderful food. The first thing they serve are biscuits with apple butter. Yum. I had ribs last time and will probably do the same this time.

No cooking for me tonight. Last night I made crispy salmon with risotto and oven roasted tomatoes. This time of year you have to pay a lot for good tomatoes. On the list of 12 Best Foods, we had four last night: salmon, spinach that was in the risotto, tomatoes and soy. We had edamame as a snack.

So tonight we are going to the other end of the food spectrum; pork, beef, potatoes, sugar and butter. It's the yin and yang of life.

It's been a wonderfully boring day. Charlotte leaves tomorrow morning. My brother leaves on Monday. Don't know when Doug and Kate leave and don't care if they ever leave.

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cowboydug said...

thanks for saying we can stay forever but, fish like friends start to smell after three days, make that three weeks. hehehe