Friday, May 22, 2009

An Eclectic View Of Our Weekend To Come

We are going camping this weekend at Steve and Janet's Yellow Dog Ranch near Boonville, CA I've been doing this on Memorial Day weekend since 1984. These photos were taken in 2006, I believe. This is the only time we came all year.

The outhouse is an important part of where we put our tent. As you women of a certain age know, you never want to be far from the bathroom, especially at night. Getting up in the night with a flashlight to find your way to the "loo" is always interesting. Luckily these are "new" outhouses that have been carefully tended and are rarely used.

Hopefully someone will bring lots of asparagus that will be roasted over barbecue coals as pictured. In the evening we will gather round the fire to talk, dodge the smoke and sparks and watch the kids make s'mores.

About 100 people attend each year. It started out being lots of people Steve and I worked with at PG&E but now it's grown to include an expanded circle of friends, their kids and grandkids. This year dogs are not allowed. We won't mention the irreverent behavior of some dogs last year that resulted in this ban. Harleen, Zoey (their yellow lab of the same age), a senior citizen golden retriever named Emily who comes from Alaska each year and an old, timid dog that Sue brings each year will be allowed. The rowdy ones have been banned.

Packing for this two night stay is like planning for an army assault. Last year we didn't get the chicken out of the freezer in time so we ate really late. Tomorrow we are putting it in the marinade in the morning when we leave for our 3.5 hour drive. You learn something every year; you forget something every year. The stars will be heavenly. Have a great and safe weekend.
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Mrs4444 said...

Definitely sounds like heaven. Have a wonderful time! :)