Friday, December 05, 2008

This 'n That

So I finally got my sister's photo from my phone to my blog. Don't ask why it took so long. Chalk it up to my stupidity. Those pictured are from left to right: my nephew Adam, whom I didn't recognize because he has that hat pulled down low over his face, my sister's sainted husband Neil with grandbaby Max, and my other nephew, Michael, who also happens to be Max's dad. The caption was "waiting for the turkey." Michael's wife Minna was in the kitchen with the turkey and all the other stuff. This is an amazing accomplishment for my sister. It brought tears to my eyes.

Okay, now for the rest of this 'n that.

1. We have switched our phone service to Vonnage. I got so tired of AT&T promising to lower my bills and then doing just that for one month. We don't talk on the phone very much because we e-mail everything. So I'd finally had it. We switched, have the same phone number and all the same services for just (drumroll) $14.95 a month.

2. Tomorrow is the puppy kindergarten Christmas party. We have to bring a dish (people food) for the potluck and a gift for the dogs. If we bring a gift then Harleen gets one. Do I want my puppy to be traumatized by her first (and probably last) Christmas with us? I don't think so. This means we are going to the deli at Raley's to get an appetizer and then to Petsmart for a toy. The party hostess said the dogs could wear antlers or Santa hats. I have trouble imaging Harleen in any of those. I see her head shaking and her paws trying to remove the offending article of clothing.

3. I'm working on the biggest applique I've ever done. Luckily it's not needle-turn but done with fusible stuff. I'll post it when it's done. It will be the center of a "block of the month" quilt that I am doing.

4. Not sure there is a four. Or at least I can't remember it right now. As soon as I hit "publish" I will think of it.

Pictures to follow from the puppy kindergarten Christmas party.
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