Saturday, December 06, 2008

And More From the Puppy Christmas Party

Some of the dogs came with their own holiday decorations. Harleen had her Christmas picture taken wearing a Santa hat. She looked really cute but not really happy to be where she was. By that time she was very tired having been in puppy kindergarten for an hour before the party. She slept all the way home and is still asleep in her crate in the house. Several recipients of CCI dogs were there as well; two were in wheel chairs and one had a hearing dog. Hearing dogs have orange leashes. I didn't know that. We played games and then had the dogs pick out toys from Santa. People wrapped the presents they bought (for a dog). We didn't do that so our stuffed animal gift was immediately taken by one of the service dogs. Harleen, true to form, picked a package with dog biscuits in it. That's Harleen in the bottom picture with Kerry (in the red fleece vest) during kindergarten. I just hope she doesn't have to repeat it again. It might give her a complex. It was a lot of fun; Kerry and I came home and napped too. We got a wrong number phone call six times. So I finally gave up and got up. That's why I'm typing now. He's sound asleep.

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