Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tidbits From My Week

The object pictured here is a butternut squash. We like this vegetable a lot, but it is a pain to peel. The skin is tough as nails. Well, I finally Googled, "peeling butternut squash." Found a simple way to do it and did it last night. You soften the skin by placing the whole thing in boiling water for 4-5 minutes. The skin then comes off with a vegetable peeler. Voila! We can now eat a lot more of this great vegetable.

Sunday we took Harleen to the Mandarin Festival in Auburn, CA where we all worked in the booth for Canine Companions for Independence. She was exhausted by all the attention. Best part though was having a corn dog. Yup, a real one with nice grainy corn bread all around it. Slathered it in mustard and enjoyed every mouthful. Harleen slept most of Monday to recover from here frenetic Saturday (puppy kindergarten) and Sunday.

I'm still reading anything written by Jodi Picoult. A friend lent me "Second Glance" and I've been on a mission to read all of her books ever since then.

Tomorrow we drive to Steve and Janet's for Thanksgiving. They live over near the coast close to Boonville, CA. I'm bringing my grandmother's sweet potato recipe. No marshmallows or pineapple for my grandmother. Just butter, brown sugar and sliced potatoes. You caramelize them at the end of the baking period by removing the cover and slowly withdrawing the fluid as you baste. They are so yummy. We drive back Friday afternoon (it's about 4 hours).

I have four irises that are blooming and one that is getting ready to bloom. Strange; last year I had one bloom at this time and it bloomed again in the spring. My Gerbera daisies are blooming too.

I'm going to spend most of the rest of the day working on my applique. I just love it. Who would have thought I'd ever have the patience to take tiny stitches. That's what life is about...discovering new things about yourself.

Hope you all have a happy thanksgiving. If there ever was a time to eat carbohydrates, this is it.
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Rhonda said...

Well thanks for the hint on how to peel without hurting yourself. We'll try this! Because we love this particular squash so much too!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!