Saturday, November 01, 2008

Dog Meets Cat...Sorta

Nora has taken to visiting Harleen. Today she visited a lot because it was raining and she didn't want to go outside. She jumps from the top of the washing machine just outside the gate into Harleen's room, aka my sewing room. It's hard to catch a shot of them because this is all happening pretty fast. Things looks pretty peaceful here.

My brother ran is 31 mile race in the pouring rain. I watched him get out of the car when he got home and limp down the stairs. He was freezing. After a hot shower, green tea and the fireplace he was feeling pretty good. Now he's napping. We may have to help him out of bed when he wakes up.

He's proud to say that he did not come in last. There was a little old lady right behind him. At 28.5 miles his legs talked to him and they were adamant; no more running. He walked the rest of the way. He did get lapped by some of the folks doing the 50-mile race. He was fed all along the race, which I guess is what you have to do when you run for that long. They had cooked potatoes that you could dip in salt at every rest stop; there were many rest stops. At the end of the race they served Thanksgiving dinner. He told me he ate 6 dinner rolls, dressing, mashed potatoes and corn. Remember he's a vegan/vegetarian.

It has rained steadily here all day. Last time I checked we had 1.8 inches of rain in our gauge. This is a good beginning for the rainy season. It will saturate the ground, which makes for fewer slides, plus the fire season is officially over. Yippee.
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