Monday, November 17, 2008


Yes, that's what I've been doing for the past two days. Here's why. On our trip home Kerry and I listened to a wonderful book on CD. It's called "It's all too much." The author is Peter Walsh.

It's basically about how to get rid of all that stuff that you have accumulated. Kerry is a third-generation pack rat who has filled every space available to him with stuff. I set limits on the inside of the house when we moved in (he can fill his office but nothing else). So he has filled one entire double garage which was supposed to be his art studio, the entire underbelly of our 3200 square foot house (we are on a hill so there is lots of space under the house) and half of the other double garage...and, of course, his office.

He has tried the typical organization person where you figure out how to store your stuff and get rid of some. That didn't really work for him. I'm hoping that Peter Walsh's approach will help him. I think Kerry is drowning in his stuff.

Walsh encourages you to explore why you ever kept all that junk in the first place. If the things you have accumulated aren't actively helping you get closer to the life you really want, then it's getting in the way; it needs to go. The first step in all of this is putting in writing what you want your life to be. Then you can decide what to keep and what to discard.

While I'm not a pack rat, the book did spark some thoughts about the life I'm living now versus what I used to My sewing room still has too many remnants of my working life. So yesterday I started shredding much of what's in my file drawers. That space will hold many of my quilting supplies. I've also contacted a friend who works for the local Assistance League. I've asked her about donating clothes. I still have my work wardrobe. It's time for it to go.

I know Kerry spent some time yesterday sitting outside in the sunshine writing in his journal. Maybe he was writing about what he wants his life to be. It would be great if this book could help unlock his life.

And the beautiful picture above is what we came home to. When we left the tree was mostly green. Over seven days it turned fire engine red.


butterflies said...

Its a beautiful picture.
When I began to travel I lived out of 2 cases for up to a year at a time.Now I cant stand to have stuff all around and I feel annoyed when things get untidy.
I hope you get sorted:)

Oklahoma Farmgirl said...

Lovely!! I just love Peter Walsh! I also listen to him on XM Radio on the Oprah Channel (#156). When I worked for SWA I traveled alot on special projects & could live out of one bag that I carried onboard (17"). I am in the process of downsizing once again (I do it every time I move & then about every 6 months). Clutter does add stress...who knew!!

Good luck with all this. Sometimes letting go is very difficult. I'm glad Kerry is journaling. It does help.

Blessed be...

blogauthor said...

Great idea. I'm not a pack rat at all, in fact, I tend to throw away stuff too readily only to find I need it later. But currently, I need to purge the garage and the attic, so now that I won't die of heatstroke up there / out there, that will be on my (never ending) to do list.