Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Generations

I love this picture of Mark and his grandfather. If you click on the picture you will see that Mark is really happy. He hasn't had a lot of grandparents. His grandpa used to walk erect but the years have compressed his body. He was never as tall as Mark but he was a lot taller than he is. I think the two of them have a good relationship. BTW, Jack has a 93-year-old girlfriend named Betty whom he refers to as his "bed mate."

A few years ago his grandfather played Santa Claus at a local mall. The ironic thing is that his grandfather is Jewish. I'm not Jewish so Mark is not considered Jewish. The line passes through the mother.

Folks at the wedding started to call Grandpa Jack (he will be 90 on Veterans' Day) Rabbi Santa. Jack did better at 7,000 feet than I did.

I'm doing all kinds of things to keep from looking at the election results. I swore I wouldn't get caught up in the minute-by-minute results. So far I'm not doing very well. If I post a lot tonight you will know that I am valiantly trying to not get caught up in this stuff. I'm too afraid that the Supreme Court will end up deciding this election as they did in 2000. I'm pro-choice, pro-immigration, and a Democrat. I guess that makes me a left-leaning liberal. So be it.
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Mrs4444 said...

I love it, too. What a treasure...

blogauthor said...

That photo really captures an emotion, easy familiarity together with love.

btw, the word verification was 'knees', I kid you not. Its the first time it was a real word!

blogauthor said...

WHOA!! And now the next one to come up is 'trotters' ... hmmmm, has blogspot changed it to be real words?

blogauthor said...

Nope. Now its mytheq.

Never mind me. I'll stop stalking your blog now.