Monday, September 01, 2008

What Season Is It?

It must be hunting season; I woke up to the sound of gunshots this morning. Not in the wild but at our town's shooting range. Yup, we have one. Everyone is gearing up for whatever they are going to kill soon. Animals and birds beware!

If Harleen ever wakes up I am going to take her on an outing. I'm getting a bit stir crazy being in the house so much. The woman in the photo is Neena one of the managers of the puppy program for CCI. This was our first glimpse of Harleen. She had been napping with her brother Heron so was pretty laid back.

I'm feeling a bit rested today. Kerry, bless his heart, has been taking evening duty with her. That means he is up and down with her. Neena said she could go 7 hours in the crate without "soiling." Well, that's a load of crap. She can't go more than a couple of hours right now. We found that out the hard way. Or I should say, Kerry found that out.

Yesterday was sort of a wipe out day for me. I did a platelet and red cell donation in the morning. Normally the platelet donation tires me out for a couple of hours but then I bounce back. But the red cell stuff really wiped me out. It also means I can't give for a month and then only if my hematocrit level is back to 38 or above. Next time will be my 100th pint.

The best news yesterday at Bloodsource came when I found out I couldn't give two pints of platelets because (drum roll) I had lost three pounds since my last visit. Also my platelet count was down, still normal, but down. So taking no chances they only did one platelet.

I haven't had the energy or the time to touch fabric. I'm hoping that will change as the week goes on. Turtle Doug returns today from Burning Man. Miss Kate will be very glad to see him. Harleen pesters the daylights out of her whenever the two are together which isn't much. Poor Kate is so gentle and docile. Any other dog would have given Harleen a good nip by now. Harleen fits right under Kate so gets below her and nips at her belly and bites her legs. Kate just runs away.
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