Monday, September 08, 2008

The Color Of Harleen

Kerry was the one who figured out tonight that Harleen's tattooed ear is the color of the "Incredible Hulk." Actually more of her is this color thanks to a quick bath this afternoon after she pooped in her cage and then walked in it. I just put her in our very deep tub and turned the water on. All of a sudden her ear was wet and running. I have green hands as I write.

We had a long talk with the puppy manager at CCI today. Right afterward we wadded up a newspaper and took turns hitting each other on the head. Note we did not scold Miss Harleen.

Kerry is a softie so he just didn't want anything bad to happen to our little girl. Well, Lorna said that if we had just waited one more night she would have stopped pooping in her crate. Duh.

So we are back to square one. Her crate is back in the my sewing room which is a long way from our bedroom. She spent an hour in it this afternoon...she pooped. We fed her in there tonight...she didn't eat. As Lorna said, no puppy has ever starved when food is available. My son had a few friends like this who just didn't like most foods. They all grew up to be fine young men.

So this is a new regime. I'm feeling much better about all of this. After all we have to travel to the Grand Canyon in three weeks. Harleen needs to be ready. I did have her in her cape today. So cute. Photos to come.
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blogauthor said...

Raising a puppy is hard, hard work. Can't wait for more pictures so I can live vicariously. :)

Rhonda said...

I have to say that when Justin moved out and took Victoria (naughty pants) with him before the wedding I was grateful. Not to say I didn't absolutely adore her but she being a pup was just so much work and I'm quite the OCD when it comes to animals.
They came over to visit tonight and I was reminded how much work it is to have her around. So much poop and energy and galloping around. Anyway, I really can't wait to see how much Harleen has grown. I can imagine she's even more lovely.
3 weeks and you'll be a Mother-in-law! How fun is that?!!!