Monday, September 01, 2008

Harleen Is Stress Free

She looked so cute; I just had to take another picture. She has napped a lot today. I was lying on the blue thing which goes under my sleeping bag when we camp. The pillows are mine too. But she decided the whole arrangement looked like a place for a nap.

We had a bit of a fire scare today. There is a fire still burning about a quarter mile north of our house. I think a building must have burned because all of a sudden the smoke went from tan to dark black. Kerry got out our fire fighting equipment, put it next to the lower pond, tested it and found out that it worked. He bought an old fire house and generator to pump water from the pond if the back part of the acreage caught on fire. The fire retardant dumping planes are still flying overhead and the helicopters with water buckets are circling. I thought they might dip into our pond but so far that hasn't happened. Nothing like a little excitement on Labor Day.
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Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

What a sweet pup; oh, the dog's life, huh?

Glad to hear you had no need for the fire fighting equipment!

I've never heard of that diet soda you mentioned, but I will keep an eye out for it; thanks.

Creamy Silver said...

She's a doll!

blogauthor said...

Ack, fire is scary!

But that puppy is sooooooooooooo cute.

I bet you are tired, I remember all too well the puppy days (two sets of them). I hope you get some rest - you need it after donating platelets. Take care of yourself.

And I LOVE the photos!!!