Friday, September 19, 2008

Chanterelle Dinner Number Four

For three nights we have enjoyed these beautiful earthy delights that look like they are coated with paprika.

First night we had them cooked in butter with salt and pepper. A barbecued steak accompanied them.

Second night I made a risotto with them that included sun dried tomatoes from our neighboring farm.

Third night I made a light wine and garlic sauce with the mushrooms to put over pasta.

Tonight we are having potatoes au gratin with chanterelles. The meat course is your basic hamburger without the bun. I'm tucking pepperocini's inside the burger. There are enough chanterelles left for one more night.

I am so thankful to Farmgirl Fare for the information on where to find the chanterelles. I can hardly wait for morel season.

On to Miss Harleen. She had a play date today with three dogs: a 12-year-old sharpei, a 12-year-old golden retriever and a 2-year old corgi. She loved playing with the corgi and was very good about showing some deference to the older dogs. I think she thought the golden was her mother because she went under her to look for a place to nurse. Jasmine was fixed when she was a youngster so was a bit perplexed by Harleen's search. Since we got home she has been awake only to eat, poop and pee. Right now she's snoring. I think we wore her out.

Tomorrow we are putting on her cape and taking her to Petsmart. She won't walk because she's still too little to be seen by adults, but she will ride in the cart. Speaking of size, she weighed 17.4 pounds at the vet yesterday. When we got her three weeks ago she weight 11.6. She is growing.

Kerry's out riding his tractor. All is right with the world.

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