Sunday, September 28, 2008

Harleen and Zoey

Our friends Steve and Janet got a new puppy last Wednesday. Abby, their previous yellow lab who was a dear sweet dog, died earlier this summer. They had struggled with when to get a new dog. You never really replace what you have loved. So last Tuesday night they stayed with us and got reacquainted with Harleen. Then on Wednesday they drove to Reno and beyond to pick up Miss Zoey. She's a 12-week-old yellow lab.

In the photos Zoey is the dog on top of Harleen, who is wearing the gentle leader, and she's the dog in the photo below.

So our lives and Steve and Janet's lives are enriched by these wonderful dogs.

BTW, Harleen has not pooped in her crate for the last three nights. I know I didn't ask for anyone to pray for this but just in case you did, we all thank you.

Tomorrow we leave for the Grand Canyon. Harleen is going to stay with puppy raiser Walt. I'm worried about leaving her but yet happy that Kerry and I get to celebrate Mark and Julia's marriage without worrying about Harleen and whether she needs to go out. I'll see you all on Oct. 10th when we return with lots of photos.

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blogauthor said...

Oh my, puppies just can't help but make one smile. They are adorable!! Have a great time, I can't believe time has flown by so quickly. Can't wait to see the photos and happy wedding to Mark & Julia!

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

These puppy photos have such a wonderful effect on my disposition; soooo sweet. I just love them! That said, I am THRILLED to not be raising a puppy. :)

P.S. I appreciated your comment very much today. Parents who ignore their children are such a puzzle to me, and your story about the carseat issue was terrific :) Thanks.

blogauthor said...

Even though you aren't here, I keep coming every day to look at these pictures. :)