Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm Tired

The last time I had a puppy I was 20 years younger; I think youth is an advantage. I was so tired this morning that I got my pillows from the bed and laid down on the floor of my sewing room to sleep next to Harleen. The gate was up so I knew she couldn't escape. It's just like with a baby. When they nap you nap. Except we also have to take her out every hour to pee and poop. She's doing pretty well on that score today.

Not too much noise from her during the night. I did learn an important lesson when I took her out right at sunrise; stay out of the grass because the mosquitoes are still enjoying their evening reverie. I had my nightgown and sandals on. No telling where I was bitten. Won't know until the middle of the night tonight. That's always when the itching starts.

McCain's choice of Palin sort of got my brain moving; the man is nuts if he thinks that Hillary supporters will switch to him just because he put a woman on his ticket. In fact, I'm downright insulted that McCain would think that I would switch to him. I'm not happy that Hillary isn't on the ticket, but I'm not dumb enough to punish the country by voting for an old man who chose someone with no experience to be his running mate.

Palin and I have nothing in common. Let her live her life and let me live mine. Just stay out of my uterus. What I decide to do or not to do is no one's business.


gypsy said...

From puppies to Palin all in one swell foop. Go girl! We were so honored to be there for beautiful Harleen's unveiling. She's so lucky to have Kathy and Kerry in her life.

Cindi said...

She is adorable. I want to hug her.

dykewife said...

someone has a few things to say about the running mate.

the puppy is uber-cute. i'd love to have a puppy but we can't. darn.