Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm Back

I haven't posted in a while. Just haven't felt like it. Nothing is wrong. I'm just feeling like silence is a good thing right now. But tonight I decided it was time to update. There are some good things happening.

My sister is thriving in her new rehab facility. Right now they are saying she could possibly go home on Friday, August. 22nd. That is great news. She is eating and doing PT. Last weekend she went home for a few hours to determine what things need to change in the house so she can get around with her walker. Her husband found a guy who does this kind of retrofitting, especially for bathrooms. With all the baby boomers aging, the guy has a very good business.

Other good news; once you are 65 you no longer need to have a pap smear. Now that is good news. I had one today. My health care provider also does the HPV test, which means you can go three years between pap smears. In three years I will be 66...yippee. No more stirrups. Next week I have my annual mammogram; then I am done with testing for the year.

Mark and Julia's wedding invitation arrived in the mail today. I kissed the envelope when I pulled it out of the mailbox. For so long I have wanted him to find someone who was really good for him; Julia is. I remember holding him just hours after he was born and wondering what his life would be like. I have to say that I am awfully proud of how he turned out and how he continues to live his life.

He was not raised with a particular religion. His dad is Jewish and I was raised Catholic; a judge married us. I just told him that he should live his life based on the Golden Rule. It was that simple; I think he's done a fine job of doing just that. I know many of you out there are much more religious than I am. Hell a telephone pole is probably more religious than I am. This way of life works for me.

Our trip to the Grand Canyon for the wedding has turned into a return home via Phoenix. Mark and Julia need to start their trip to Kuala Lumpur on the evening after they get married. We are going to caravan with them to the Phoenix airport and then take their car back to Lincoln while they are away. That means I get to bring the wedding dress home with me. One more car for Kerry's growing fleet.

My long time friend Cathy lives in Phoenix so we are going to take this opportunity to visit with her and her husband Ray. And they get to meet Harleen. I just hope the poor dog doesn't get car sick. She will be in her small crate so hopefully that will help.

A lot of my silent time has been spent with fabric. I've created a few things that I will share with you later. Time to fix dinner. I have lots of vegetables from which to choose.


Danulai said...

Great news about your sister!

Rhonda said...

so happy to hear about your sis and the invite!
I'm hap hap happy with you!!!!!!!!

blogauthor said...

I sent your sister a card last night, funny timing you mentioned her again today. You may want to give them a heads up about a card without a last name to Room 311.

Terrific about the wedding invitation, I bet that must feel so good. I know full well that my day will come with my little guy sooner than I could imagine.

And wow, Kulaa Lampur ... I would so love to go there .... (sidles up and invites herself along sometime ... lol)

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

I loved this post; you sound very relaxed and happy. I'm glad for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

I got behind at reading blogs, your included unfortunately.

I am glad to read more about your sister's progress. I have thought about her and your family often.

Take care