Sunday, August 03, 2008

No More Feeding Tube

Turns out she had a kidney infection. Loss of appetite and sluggishness are two symptoms in older people; she's 59. They put her on an IV drip of saline and an antibiotic. She was also severely dehydrated. That started last Thursday night when she got to the hospital. Friday she was still pretty cranky. By Saturday she was a new person; it's like my sister was back. And Sunday she had a cheese omelet for breakfast and ate half a pizza for lunch. My brother was there and said it was amazing to see the change in her.

She's going back to rehab either Monday or Tuesday but the place she was in doesn't have a bed for her. Tomorrow her patient, long suffering husband, Neil, will go look for another place for her. I could really tell she was feeling better because she wasn't upset by the fact that she couldn't go back to rehab in Elk River.

So we may be back on track to get her to the wedding on Oct. 4. I sure hope so. I want my sister there.


Danulai said...

She's back to eating! What good news.

blogauthor said...

We know wayyyyy too much about kidney infections around here - glad it was caught and hope there wasn't damage. And so glad she is feeling better, its so awful when someone you love is not feeling well.