Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I'm In Seventh Heaven

I got the new Elizabeth George mystery novel from the library today after a lengthy wait. I started out as Number 8 in line for the book. That was in June when it came out. Today it's all mine; all 626 pages. This is her 14th mystery novel. I have been waiting almost a year for this one to come out. I finished number 13 a while ago. I've already read 100 pages, and she isn't disappointing me. I have never yet been able to guess who "done it." I always think I know but in the end I'm wrong. Stories take place in England; the main characters work for New Scotland Yard. The author lives in Washington with her retired fire fighter husband.

The other news today is I finally figured out what to do with the paper pieced block I did for a class a few months ago. It has been hanging on my design wall for quite some time. Today I discovered that I had a pillow form in my closet that was just the right size. I used the polka dot fabric in the block as the backing. So there it is; my first completed pillow. I say completed because I have another one that awaits completion. Now that I've done one I'm hoping I can do the next one with more confidence than I've felt. It's silk so there is a bit more to lose if I screw it up.

My sister is in a new rehab facility that she actually likes much better than the previous one. She was discharged from the hospital yesterday with a pretty good appetite and her kidney infection under control. The doctor told her she got the infection because she wasn't eating or drinking enough. Hopefully that put a little fear in her.

The facility isn't as new (1980s style wallpaper) but they have physical therapy seven days a week (the other place had it just five days a week); this facility seems to take more care in getting her meds to her on time. Plus she likes the nurses, one of whom is a wound care nurse so she feels like there is someone who can help her with her ostomy bag (under control at the moment) and her belly wound. The belly wound has not been healing as well as it should have because she wasn't eating enough. She had eaten breakfast and lunch when I talked to her earlier today.

Her new address is Vicky, Room 311, Ambassador Health Care Center, 8100 Medicine Lake Road, New Hope, MN 55427.
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blogauthor said...

Lots and lots and lots of protein!!! I'm a wound healer extraordinaire but a specialized wound care nurse is a close second. :)