Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ylang Ylang Beach Resort In Montezuma

This was probably the nicest place we stayed the entire trip. It's pronounced e-lang e-lang with a long "e" sound. You can only get to it by walking along the beach for about 10 minutes or by meeting Mario in town and riding to the resort in the huge landrover (not the wimpy kind you see in suburbia).

The first picture is of our bath towels displayed on the bed. The maids did this. The flowers and leaves are real. The next day we found that the maids had a whimsical side. The glasses on the frog below are my reading glasses. The dark glasses on the sloth are my sunglasses. Again, all the flowers and leaves are real.


Rhonda said...

How fun is that?!!!

dykewife said...

what a neat thing for them to do!! :)

Omar Cruz said...

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