Saturday, April 14, 2007

We Met The Baking Fairy

On our first drive through Montezuma (on the tip of the Gulf of Nicoya on the Pacific Ocean) we quickly spotted Organica, a vegan restaurant owned by The Baking Fairy ( We have been commenting on each others blogs so once we arranged our trip we decided that her town would be the first on our itinerary. Actually that was all that was on our itinerary. After that we were going to roam the countryside. Anyway, back to Organico. Ozlem is the baking fairy and is she ever good at it. As the sign says "pure food with love." I found the heat in Montezuma to be close to unbearable due to the high humidity. I sweated so much one day that my sunscreen melted. Now that's hot. Also, being post menopausal and overweight doesn't help. Her food is delicious. She has figured out how to make things without using any eggs, butter or anything else that might be considered non-vegan. I sampled her cashew fruit ice cream, avocado lime ice cream and chocolate coffee ice cream. All were yummy.
I have pictures of us together but those will have to wait. They are on Kerry's camera. He shot 725 pictures. I'm going to let him sort through them to find the ones I want. There are only 2-1/2 streets in Montezuma so if you go there it won't be hard to find her. She's originally from Istanbul, went to business school at the University of San Francisco, worked for a while, came to Montezuma for a yoga retreat, saw that restaurant was for sale, bought it and the rest is history. She looks extremely happy despite the long hours she works. Basically she serves all three meals everyday except Monday. I had the best fresh orange juice there that I've ever had. We brought her some ingredients she has trouble getting there. The photo below is one of Ozlem's neighbors.
The four of us were having lunch one day at Organico when this little critter wandered in. He's some type of iguana; there are loads of them in Costa Rica. Many of them are much larger than this fellow. I swear he posed for the picture. I took one picture of him before this one; I went to take another and he turned his head and stared into the lens. Very cooperative iguana. The people are the same way.
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Rhonda said...

you have some fabulous photos!
you sweated your sunscreen off?!
oh my my my...

dykewife said...

iguanas are vegetarian. he probably has found a good place to beg :)

i'm thinking that costa rica is the kind of place where a mid-winter visit would be better than spring - the heat and all that - then again, bieng that far south, it might not make any difference. i hate heat. right now it's perfect here...high of about 70 and lows down to about 35-40 or so. it won't be long and i'll be a frizzy sweaty lump.