Monday, April 30, 2007

Some Of The Places We Relaxed in Costa Rica

Top left: The front porch at Organico Cafe in Montezuma. Nice and shady in the hot sun.

Top middle: The bar at Ylang Ylang in Montezuma. We ate a lot of meals there and were never disappointed. Good wine too and the corkage fee was only $6.

Top right: Two very comfortable chairs at Amor de Mar in Montezuma. They had very soft cushions and were shaded by palm trees. You could hear the surf pounding on the shoreline rocks.

Middle left: Rocking chairs on the deck of our little hut at Ylang Ylang.

Middle middle: Hammocks at Amor de Mar. I never could get comfortable in them; and getting out, well that's a tale in itself.
Middle right: The bar at La Selva Verde Rainforest Lodge which is right on the banks of the Sarapiqui River. We were sitting in the bar when we say the chestnut-mandibled toucan.

Bottom left: The pool at the La Selva Verde Rainforest Lodge

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