Monday, April 30, 2007

Lodging In Costa Rica

Dykewife ( ) requested lots of pictures so here goes.

Top left: Amor de Mar Hotel in Montezuma; not our favorite but in a beautiful setting right on the Pacific.

Top right: Ylang Ylang Resort in Montezuma. We had this little dome all to ourselves. Our balcony looked out over the rest of the resort to the Pacific Ocean. Probably our favorite. Food was great too.

Bottom left: Selva Verde Rainforest Lodge near Puerto Viejo. All the lodging is on stilts due to the 150 inches of rainfall they get in a year. That way visitors don't get flooded out. I stayed there ten years ago. Wonderful place. You feel like you are living in a treehouse.

Bottom right: Sueno Azul Resort near Las Horquetas. This resort, which is also in the rainforest, is also a spa and yoga retreat. We had an air conditioned room. The windows steamed up because it was so warm outside and so cold inside. You could have hung meat in our room. I loved it. Kerry froze.

Only lodging missing from this post is Montana de Fuego Hotel and Spa in La Fortuna, which I posted in an earlier blog.
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