Monday, April 30, 2007

Our Little Car In Costa Rica

It's called a BeGo and is made by Daihatsu. Great mileage, good air conditioning and an in-dash CD player, which we didn't use. Didn't have a whole lot of pep, however. Driving up the steep hill out of Montezuma to go to Cobano to use the ATM, we were reduced to a crawl. Susan and Einar had to get out so we could get to the top. It's a four-passenger car but only on level ground. This was taken at Montana de Fuego Hotel and Spa. It was raining; actually it rained every day we were there. I loved it; very warm rain.
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dykewife said...

i love warm rain. more to the point, i love putching about in puddles while a warm rain falls. the only problem here is that there tends to be thunder and lightening involved. that can take the shine off the fun if it hits anywhere near.

Rhonda said...

cute little car...but did you feel like sardines?