Sunday, April 22, 2007

Costa Rican Critters Including The Jesus Christ Lizard

This might not be the best of posts for those who are squeamish. I, myself, do not like snakes. They are slimy; I don't care what anyone says.

Costa Rica has its share of strange critters. The big guy on the left is an iguana. Contrary to what you may have seen in the pet store, these guys get to be very big. His waddle, that thing hanging down from under his neck, is what he uses to attract chick iguanas. He climbs high into a tree every day and shakes his waddle. I guess the girl iguanas like it. Didn't do much for me. At Selva Verde Lodge in the rain forest we saw lots of these guys devouring bananas that the staff would put out for them so folks like us could take pictures. They are herbivores so don't worry; you are safe in the jungle. I chose a photo with a person in it to give you some perspective on just how big these guys are.

Now for the second critter that we saw at Selva Verde Lodge. He gets his nickname, Jesus Christ Lizard, because he can literally walk on water. The green guy to the left is what they look like in the jungle. The other photo depicts one of them dashing across the water to escape some predator.

If you are religious and object to the name; get a life. This is nature; I think it's kind of cool that this little guy has some great ways to get away from someone who wants to eat him.


Rhonda said...

Cool pictures!
I'm used to seeing squirrels...not big creatures and snakes!

I have to say your best line yet;
if you are religious and object to the name, get a life.

Creamy Silver said...

I saw iguanas that large when I was in Belize. I was surprised at how agile they were. Climbing trees, swimming in the river.

Not fun to meet in a dark alley, though.

dykewife said...

those j.c. lizards are so cool :) i first saw them on a national geographic special about lizards. the other lizard i liked is the frilled lizard that can be found in australia.

if you handle an inguana, be certain to wash your hands well afterwards. they can carry salmonella.