Monday, November 20, 2006

Our Morning Visitor...Mr. or Ms. Oppossum

 There was an oppossum down by Kerry's studio this morning. He was playing "possum" after Kerry scared it. I read that they can stay in their "possum" position for 45 minutes to four hours. They actually fall into a coma when they get scared. We watched him for a while and he seemed to be coming around, but then he was having trouble walking so we called animal control. He's nocturnal so shouldn't be there anyway. Kerry had left his studio door open so the oppossum might have gone in and found the rat poison. Animal control took him away about an hour after we found him. They said he'd be euthanized if he was sick. Otherwise he would be nursed back to health and released in the wild.

Well, I'm starting to feel like my old self again. My spirits were bolstered just by the fact that I didn't get on an airplane this morning. My suitcase is put away for the first time in a month. I did lots of mundane things today like refill a prescription, make an eye exam appointment, make a platelet donation appointment and put together a grocery list for Thanksgiving. I enjoyed every mundane minute. There will only be six of us, which will be nice. I did manage to find homemade cranberry sauce at our local produce market.

We've decided that our before dinner drink will be Hawaiian Martinis. I had one in Palm Desert when we went to Roy's Fusion Restaurant for drinks. You soak pieces of pineaple for two days in Skyy vodka, Stoli vanilla vodka, malibu coconut rum and a 1/8th cup of sugar. It's served straight up with a piece of pineapple that has been soaking. The one I had at Roy's was delicious.

Tomorrow is hair maintenance day. With less time in the sun my color is lasting longer, but I am a bit shaggy.

Yesterday I went to my favorite nursery in Auburn and bought brussel sprout plants and more bulbs plus assorted fertilizers. Got the brussel sprouts in the ground yesterday and will start working on the bulbs tomorrow. I have to fertilize the existing bulbs and then plant the new ones.

So life is great when you get to stay home. Posted by Picasa

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