Saturday, November 18, 2006

I've Been Among The Missing....

 The last six weeks are a blur. I've been traveling on business every week; sometimes twice a week. I'm just plain worn out. I do have a time out for the next two weeks. Then the travel starts back up Dec. 5th. Traveling this much is not fun. I feel like I live in isolation from the rest of my life. I also watch a lot of TV when I'm on the road. Discovered Rachel Ray this last trip. I like her meal in 30 minutes. Rarely missesd Oprah and tried to see Dr. Phil as much as possible.

But now I'm home for two weeks and I need to do things like refill prescriptions, make an eye doctor appointment, cook Thanksgiving dinner and start my Christmas shopping. I also want to plant some more bulbs. My tomatoes are still producing. Last year they continued until January. I just made another batch of tomato puree. I freeze it in ziploc bags and use it in all kinds of things. It's really yummy.

The flowers pictured here are for all of you who are already dealing with snow. They brighten my day when I go out in the yard. I hope they will brighten yours as well. Posted by Picasa

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