Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year From Burlington, WA

Pictured here are my new friends from Golden Glen Creamery in Bow, WA. My sister-in-law Susan and I paid them a visit. We brought home some of their finest work: all variety of cheeses including Parmesan, butter, chocolate milk in a glass bottle and eggs, one of which was green (we also met the chickens).

Folks in the store were so nice. They gave us a map of Skagit county that shows where local food is produced and can be bought. We will be back in May for a wedding so I'll check on lots of them then. We did go to the Farm to Market deli in nearby Edison where we bought some yummy treats. My favorite was (I already ate it so no pictures) polenta cake soaked in lime juice. It was shaped like a mini Bundt cake. Delicious.

It's official, my camera is dead. I hope I can find a good one on sale when we get home.

Susan has been cooking up a storm, as usual. Last night we had her clam linguine. It was so good we are having it again tonight. We brought a leg of lamb with us to share with the family. They loved it. Otherwise I've been eating lots of veggies and oysters from a nearby bay. It is such a treat to have fresh fish. That's what happens when you live close to the ocean. My lunch today will be raw oysters in seafood sauce (aka ketchup with lots of horseradish).

Saw the Sandra Bullock movie The Blindside. Great flick even if it did have lots of football scenes. On New Years Eve we watched "Angels and Demons." Pretty good.

Yesterday we visited fellow blogger Urbanhennery at her home. Harleen played with their lab, Jake. She gave us some of her homemade strawberry jam and dill pickles. We brought her Satsuma mandarin oranges which count as a local food for her because we were in the area and just happened to bring them some. Same goes for the stuff I bought at the creamery.

We head home tomorrow and should be back in Lincoln on Sunday night. Weather through the Siskiyous is the only thing that could slow us down. Right now it looks like it's going to be good tomorrow and Sunday.


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