Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dark Days Local Challenge: Week 9

We bought two Dungeness crabs at the farmer's market last Saturday. There is a fish company that goes out of Bodega Bay on the northern California coast. We can count on them for great, non-farmed fish and crab. It's called the Little Fish Company. Turns out the family's name is "Little."

The first night we just spread newspaper on the table and ate crab. It's so messy, we don't even bother with plates. It's newspapers, the nut cracker and a roll of paper towels.

The leftover crab went into a frittata I made on Monday night. The local ingredients included: the crab, eggs from our local provider, butter from Straus Family Creamery, garlic and broccoli from the farmer's market and sun-dried tomato cheddar cheese from Golden Glen Creamery. I visited this creamery when I was in Washington at Christmas. It counts as local because we were in the area and visited the creamery. It's not like we drove there specifically for the creamery's products. Checked this out with Urbanhennery and she agrees.

Also made garlic bread with the Straus butter and farmer's market garlic.
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scrappinshar said...

I also try to cook from local sources, you might also try farm fresh to you i signed up on line and they deliver veggies to my door here in lincoln, so they may deliver to you also thank you for all the yummy recipes. it can be challenging to eat with local produce,meat and dairy but knowing someone else to close is trying the same makes the effort easier! thank u