Saturday, January 23, 2010

Divine Bread

I love bread. Not the ordinary kind. Grew up with Taystee bread. Didn't know how awful it was until I lived in Germany for three years after college. That's when I first experienced good bread, the kind you have to really chew.

The loaf pictured here is from a new bread maker, Nathan, in Auburn, CA. The first loaf I bought was a Meyer lemon rosemary round. The second loaf was the same. I probably won't get around to trying another loaf until Meyer lemon season is over.

It's not a dense bread so it's ideal for tearing chunks from the loaf. He sells to small markets like Newcastle Produce and Latitudes Restaurant in Auburn. His parents own Latitudes.
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blogauthor said...

OMG, broechen ruins you for life .... what I wouldn't give to NOT be celiac!