Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dark Days Challenge Week 11...And More

There has been a lot going on this past week that did not involve food. I'll get to that second.

Last night's dinner was an invention that developed from what I had on hand. It's a casserole with layered potatoes (bottom and top), pieces of chard, crispy bacon cut into small pieces, more potatoes, Golden Glen Creamery cheddar cheese, and whipping cream from Straus Family Creamery with garlic added. I poured the cream over the whole thing and baked it covered for 75 minutes in the oven at 375 F. It's sort of scalloped potatoes with chard and bacon.

Kerry pronounced it delicious. Leftovers tonight. I'm going to add some more chard and warm it in the oven. Can't get enough greens.

Now for the rest of the week. We recarpeted our bedroom and sitting room and my sewing room (shown here with new carpet).

I took it as an opportunity to get rid of lots of stuff. I took bags of clothes and boxes of books to the Salvation Army. It always feels so good to lighten my load. I did the same thing in my sewing room. I still had boxes from our move here. I discovered all kinds of things that could go in the garbage. Also organized my room better for what I'm doing. Finally got some wire baskets in which to sort fabrics by color and pattern. I discovered that I have lots of green and neutral colors but not much blue. Not sure what that means.

I am so thankful I got all of this done before the carpet layers got here. I feel this wonderful elation when I walk into my sewing room now. On the wall to the left in the picture I am going to put up one long curtain rod so I can display my quilts. Photos to follow when that job is done.

Also solved the mystery of all the readers from Great Britain who come to my blog via "what is panagrattato" on Google. I asked someone to enlighten me. Finally one person responded anonymously that there is a chain of pubs in the UK that serves panagrattato. When you Google that word my blog is the first answer that comes up. A couple of years ago I made it. So that mystery is solved. Hope some of them keep coming back for a visit.
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dykewife said...

mom made quilts from our old clothes. she used everything except denim. her sewing machine couldn't handle the thickness. but if it was synthetic or lighter cotton, she made a quilt out of it...thick, heavy, almost duvet quilts.

gypsy said...

What a transformation! Your sewing room looks spectacular. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Oh - and yummy-looking potatoes, too. We'll be right over:-)

Creamy Silver said...

Your room is so BIG! Looks like you get great light in there too.

I love all the space you've got and how tidy it is. I defnitely believe that clutter inhibits creativity. It's no wonder you turn out such beautiful creations.