Friday, September 11, 2009

A Small Freezer For A Locavore Family

We have been thinking about this purchase for quite some time. We have a wonderfully larger freezer drawer on the bottom of our refrigerator. But as we get more and more into eating locally, we were fast running out of space. In fact, we had turned off the ice maker to make room for pasture-raised meat from the meat club. We don't need anything really big. The one pictured here is from Sears. It's 7.5 cu. ft. It's about 46 inches tall and 25 inches wide.

We will not have boxes in our freezer as the picture shows. This will probably be where the meat goes each month. I'm tired of pulling everything out of the current freezer to find what we want.

Sears had a sale so it was $303 before tax. I thought that was a pretty good deal. We pick it up on Tuesday. Another big step into the locavore world.


Laura said...

congrats on the freezer! we adore ours (a big 25 cf chest) and I don't know how we'd survive without it!

dykewife said...

i absolutely adore my stand up freezer. being short my hips would catch at the brim of our old chest freezer and i'd sort of sway while trying to get things that were stored at the bottom. i nearly fell in more than once. though the stand up uses more energy each time it's opened (the cold air falls out every time and has to be replaced)the fear of becoming a popsicle isn't on my list of phobias anymore.

Kirby3131 said...

I would love to have a freezer. A stand up model is exactly what I'd get for the same reasons as dykewife. Trying to get things out of my mothers chest freezer is a feat in acrobatics LOL

I think that's a really good deal on that freezer, too. We just don't have space in our small condo.

You have inspired me to find more local places to purchase foods, btw. I always knew I should - but just didn't, until recently. Thank you :)