Wednesday, September 02, 2009


I felt an excitement this morning when I woke up. At first, I couldn't figure out why. But then it hit me, it was the second day of September; once again we had made it through another northern California summer. Not that the heat is over with entirely, but we are closer to the end than we were a month ago.

Summers are tough for me. The heat can be nearly unbearable (not Phoenix unbearable) but unbearable enough to make me feel like a prisoner in my own home. We close up the house so it feels like a tomb; that saves on the electric bills.

I worked hard to make the best of it. Quilting really helps; I get focused on a project and I forget that if I got outside I would practically melt. It's weird, but my sweating is mostly confined to my head, especially behind my ears. Very weird.

But here I sit on the precipice of fall. I'm ready.

To celebrate I ordered a new fleece jacket. We keep the house pretty cold in the non-summer months so fleece is the way I dress. I'm getting a beet red, zip up polar tech fleece. It should be here some time late next week.

I can bring out my soup recipes soon and get ready to go for evening walks without fainting from the heat. And pretty soon the rain will turn the hillsides a lush green.

Meanwhile we are off to Ohio and Kentucky tomorrow for my sister-in-law's family reunion. Never been before and really looking forward to it. Back on Monday. See you then.


blogauthor said...

I love buying new jackets for fall. Yours sounds great. Bring it here for your visit!

Creamy Silver said...

I do that sometimes, wake up with a giddiness. Often I'm not even sure why until I really think about it. I love when that happens.