Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Look Back At Giddiness

I was a bit early with my fall giddiness. The new fleece jacket I ordered in early September was not worn until yesterday. We had many 100+ days that were made more unbearable because I was really ready for cool weather.

But it finally happened yesterday when we woke up to a cold wind blowing through the house. It wasn't cold by Midwest standards, but it felt lovely. My sister was shocked that it was that cold. People never realize that we do have all four seasons in California; they are just more moderate than theirs.

Also, I saw my first white-crowned sparrow foraging for food under the bird feeders. They always visit for winter. He/she must have gotten the memo that the heat was gone. The Northern Flickers won't be far behind. Their rat-a-tat-tat on our eaves is their seasonal hello. That loosens up the insects for a Flicker meal.

I have five quarts of beef stock in my new freezer so I'm set to make soup for those cold nights that I am anticipating with glee.

The photo is for you cat and dog lovers. It's Harleen and Nora cuddling. Taking Harleen to the dog park today for the first time. As a service dog in training she wasn't supposed to go, but now that she's a "pet" she gets to go.
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Rhonda said...

Fall is divine...
I like your reminds me of all there is to be happy about. :)

blogauthor said...

Ahhhhh. I wish Dog and Dogette would love Cat that way. They just want to eat her!