Wednesday, July 09, 2008

What A Way To Start The Day...Cats And Blood

Our cats, Nora and Giorgio, have developed a habit of racing around and across our bed in the early morning hours. They have always preferred to land on Kerry as they bounce off to the floor. That's probably because he sleeps on his back thus giving them a larger landing zone. I sleep on my side. I got up first this morning so Kerry was left to deal with the cat Nascar race.

Not long after I got up, Kerry appeared in my sewing room with blood dripping from cuts on his nose, left hand and chest. One or both of them dug their claws in extra hard this morning as they raced around the bed. They dug them in extra hard in the three places I just mentioned. Now he's really pissed at the cats. He says he refused to pet them after he got up; that's something he always does. Giorgio seems to be in hiding just because Kerry yelled at the two of them but Nora seems unfazed in the face of yelling and lack affection.

I want to tell him to sleep on his side and wear a t-shirt, but even when he starts out on his side he always ends up on his back. So a bit of cat mayhem in this morning.

It's still hot and smokey here. I went to the dentist for a cleaning and earned an A+ for my flossing. Just call me Miss Tooth Perfection. I have a friend coming over to sew for the afternoon and then friends for dinner. A very good day.

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