Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Loved "Mama Mia"

It is just wonderful when mature women get to dance, sing and have fun at the same time. The dancing and singing numbers looked like so much fun. Meryl Streep is 59 years old, been married to the same man forever, and has four kids. She danced and sang like a young pup. Who says women don't get better as they get older. In fact, all the main female characters have been married to their husbands forever.

Julia Walters, left, was in "Calendar Girls." She took her clothes off in that movie and looked great. Christine Baranski was born in 1952. Wow that is really old for an actress, but I loved her because she is not 22. She does have really bony shoulders. In Tom Wolfe's book "Bonfire of the Vanities" he calls women like her "x-rays." Great book, terrible movie. Tom Hanks and Melanie Griffith were just wrong, wrong, wrong.

The songs, the energy, Pierce Brosnan (even if he will never be given an award for singing) were wonderful. The women both old (much older than Streep) and the young seemed to have so much fun. I loved when they jumped into the ocean. It felt good to see a movie where anything goes.

I'm not good at Batman movies or anything of that ilk. I've seen two movies this year: Wall-e and Mama Mia. That tells you a lot about my movie taste. Thank goodness for Netflix. Otherwise Kerry would never get to see a movie that he likes. Guess what I'm listening to in my car this week?
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Rhonda said...

oh good. I'm really looking forward to the movie now.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I went to see it this past weekend, and I have to admit that my daughter was quiet on the fact that it was a musical, it was her birthday (16) so she got to pick the movie. I hadnt heard of it, but it really kind of hit home for me, espcially the song they did while her daughter was getting ready for her wedding about the girl growing up, I worked really hard at not paying close attention, I would have been bawling in the theater :) It was a good movie!