Monday, July 21, 2008

Kerry's New Used Car

If you are new to this blog, then you don't know that I live with a wonderful man named Kerry who is obsessed with cars. He doesn't just like to look at them or drive them, he wants to own them. Currently he has five running vehicles. I say running because he has a really cute Porsche 356 in his studio that needs a lot of work. It doesn't run.

He bought this 1982 Porsche 911 last week. It's sitting in our driveway as I write. I went for a ride in it Sunday morning when it was still cool; the air conditioning doesn't work. Not a good thing for summers in the valley. He says he's going to get it fixed.

The most interesting part of the ride that we took was how many men slowed down to look at the car. Most of them were driving SUVs or big trucks. So that's what's new at our house.
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Rhonda said...

well that's fun "new/used" at your house!
What's her name? (if she's a she)?

Cindi said...

We had a used 1976 911T back before kids. It made the commute across the Bay more bearable. Rick discovered that 110 mph really felt like 55. We sold the car (for more than we paid for it) a few years later, feeling that we had pushed our luck long enough. The '74 914 remains in the driveway, waiting for a transmission repair. Have fun with the new toy.

Creamy Silver said...

Sweet car!

blogauthor said...

Oh man oh man, wheeler is a wheel man ... he LOVES old cars. Maybe Kerry oughta come along in Oct so poor Wheeler has someone to talk shop to while we sit and sip (slug back) wine all night! ;-)