Thursday, July 10, 2008

Vicky Is Leaving The Hospital Friday Morning

And going back to Guardian Angel Transitional Care. Her blood work looks good, she has all the right ostomy supplies so her anxiety is lessened and she is eating very well. When I talked to her husband tonight she was eating a hamburger, french fries and orange juice. That will make a big difference in her energy level when she goes back to Guardian Angel. So today is a good day despite the heat and smoke.

I was going to run some errands today but decided against it. The sky looks very cloudy but it's not clouds; it's smoke from numerous fires but none of them close to us. Kerry ran my errands for me; bless his heart.

Got a call from Canine Companions for Independence today. Our puppy was born July 8th. We will pick her up on Aug. 28th. She is a purebred Labrador retriever but we don't know what color she is or what her name is. Her name will begin with an "H". All puppies born in July will have names that start with an "H". Maybe it will be Hillary.

I am pissed off about a few things, even though this has been a good day. First, the Vatican saying that having women Anglican bishops will set back unity between the two religions. Makes me feel like I have a disease. It's hard for me to believe that in 2008 people still think of us that way.

Second, the young man who shot himself on June 18th rather than return to Iraq for a third tour in the 101st Airborne Division. His name was Ben. Vicky had him in daycare when he was a toddler. Her heart and Ben's mother's heart are broken by this sad turn of events. He left a note saying he just couldn't go back.

Third, that scurrilous little turd Karl Rove failed to show up to testify before a committee of Congress. His lawyer claims he is immune. I can hardly wait until Bush and his toadies are out of power.

On to positive things; I loved the story in the New York Times this morning about Ted Kennedy's return to the Senate to vote to stop the medicare payment reduction to doctors. The story read like a good novel. His doctors had advised against traveling due to his treatment but he showed up anyway and in a firm voice, voted "aye." Just his presence in the Senate convinced 9 Republicans to vote "aye" as well. There is so little drama left in Washington. After the vote he was whisked away to a private jet.

We leave for Albuquerque tomorrow afternoon. Probably won't have a chance to blog. I'm just hoping we come back to clear skies.


Asana Bear said...

And of course the only Senator that did not show up at all... 99 Senators managed to get to the Senate to vote but not... wait for it... McCain!!

blogauthor said...

Glad Vicky is improving ...

Yay for Kennedy (his surgery was done here!)

YAYAYAY about your new puppy, cannot WAIT to see her and hear about her adventures.

Boo-hiss to certain religion and their unbelievably stupid policies in general but about women in particular. How on earth anyone could think that possession of a uterus vs. a penis makes one more or less capable or qualified for anything is a mystery to me.